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IFOW works across a number of projects enabled by a range of funders. Here is where we are currently working, and what projects we have completed in the past.

Current projects

The Pissarides Review into the Future of Work and Wellbeing

Funder: The Nuffield Foundation

Nuffield Foundation logo

Project partners: Warwick Business School, Imperial College London

Project timeline: Sept 2020 - Sept 2023

Project description: In partnership with Imperial College London and Warwick Business School, the Pissarides Review into the Future of Work and Wellbeing will research the impacts of automation on work and wellbeing, and analyse how these are differently distributed between socio-demographic groups and geographical communities in the UK.

Trust for London
Trust for London logo

Project timeline: Oct 2021 - Oct 2024

Project description: Developing, disseminate and applying our work on algorithmic systems and their impact on work for vulnerable and essential workers in London, with a focus on building practical solutions to prevent or reduce in-work poverty and risk of in-work poverty.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust logo

Project timeline:
 Feb 2023 - Feb 2025

Project description: Exploring, testing and delivering new accountability mechanisms to mitigate risks of growing inequalities at work arising from the use of AI.

Digit Futures at Work

Project timeline: Sept 2023 - Sept 2024

Project description: Conducting focused policy roundtables and ensure that policymakers, parliamentarians and the media are aware of the latest developments and research relating to workplace technology, working in partnership with the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (DIGIT), an established ESRC Research Centre.

Alex Ferry Foundation

Project description:
Developing a BluePrint for Collective Access and considering the role of collective bargaining in negotiating workplace technology. This project has been undertaken in partnership with the TUC.

Friends Provident

Project timeline: 
Jan 2024 - Dec 2024

Project description: Action research to implement governance frameworks which help organisations identify the source of new forms of value capture when adopting workplace technology, leading to the publication of a set of case studies and the refinement of our tools for responsible innovation.


Project timeline: Feb 2024 - Spet 2024

Project description: In collaboration with Queen Mary University and the Alan Turing Institute - and following our Creative Arts breakfast supported by Somerset House, in this ‘CREAATIF: Crafting Responsive Assessments of AI and Tech-Impacted Futures' project we'll be engaging with creative workers to co-develop impact assessments that address fundamental rights and working conditions in the context of generative AI. It aims to ensure that workers have a voice in the development of these technologies and corresponding labour policy.

Many thanks to former funders...


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