Rapid change is reshaping people’s experience of work. We model how to put people first, ensuring that workers’ experience and perspectives shape our changing world of work.

Both policy and technology are often developed and deployed without understanding the views of the people on the front line. IFOW’s People programme puts workers at the heart of building a fairer future. Our partnership approach shows the benefit of involving workers in the introduction of new technologies and models how workers can participate in its design.

Making the most of a crisis: Social capital made digital

Examining the economic shock from the coronavirus, we highlight strategies for recovery and explore the impact on jobs and the workforce. How can we build resilience and shape a better future of work?
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Revaluing Social Care: Lessons from our Workshop

Social care is more than just a sector of the economy. It’s central to life and underpins how people live and work across the country. The importance of the social care sector and ‘soft’ caring skills to the future of work is growing fast.
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SPIA Toolkit

We forefront people with lived experience of the issues we research, and use design thinking to unlock new ideas and build consensus.
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Designing technology for a better future of work

What new, disruptive technologies are on the horizon? Join us as we explore how the design process could help businesses and employees to create innovative solutions for a better future of work.
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The Grimsby Project: We need to talk about work

Something is missing from our conversations about the future of work: stories from people who are experiencing transformation directly. From October 2020, the Institute for the Future of Work spoke to Grimsby residents in a diverse set of roles.
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The Amazonian Era: How algorithmic systems are eroding good work

We are living through a new transformation of work. We are living in an Amazonian Era.
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Spotlight Report on Self-Employed Workers

In response to COVID-19, IFOW conducted a fast turn-around series of interviews with union representatives, self-employed and contract workers, and agencies from across the UK, with a particular but non-exclusive focus on the logistics and transport sector.
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Spotlight on Remote Workers

To understand the experiences of the mass homeworking experiment, and interrogate the default position that remote work is the ‘future of work’, we conducted a series of interviews during lockdown, revisiting some interviewees in August 2020.
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Spotlight Report on Furloughed Workers

This spotlight is part of a series of short-insight reports produced over the course of Covid-19 which share the unheard voices of working people to complement statistical stories.
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Spotlight Report on Key Workers

IFOW is conducting a series of short-insight reports which share the stories and voice of workers throughout Covid-19. Our goal is to complement the statistical stories being told by highlighting the lived experience who have been made vulnerable as a result of the Pandemic.
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