People are being forced out of old jobs as the demands of the rapidly changing world of work kick in. We explore worker transitions in high risk areas, working with people affected, government, business and unions to create positive change and reduce risk.

Technological advancement can create 'winners' and 'losers'. For some, new technology provides new opportunities, but for others, it threatens their way of life. As the fall-out from the pandemic changes the economy and world of work, these trends will accelerate.

We believe government, business, unions and civil society should work together to support those most at risk. 

In this programme, we listen to people’s stories of the changing world of work to understand their experience of new technology and automation. We make sure that worker voices are heard in our research, and as we create solutions together.    

We develop and promote new networks and ideas to support people facing disruption to move into sustainable and high quality work. 

Connected Worker Platforms

Our project on connected key workers is exploring the impacts of ‘worker-tech’ on dignity, autonomy and other aspects of work quality. This research will inform our New Deal for Key Workers.

Spotlight on Work through Covid-19

Our Spotlight series provides vital evidence about people’s own lived experience of transition during the COVID-19 pandemic through the voices of working people.
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Supporting Collaboration

We support organisations and individuals to work together to create effective and people-centred responses to complex problems through our Social Policy Innovation Accelerator (SPIA).
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New Deal for Key Workers

IFOW are working to develop a New Deal for Key Workers, informed by a dialogue with public philosopher Professor Michael Sandel.
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Social Partnership

We are building the case to establish new forums for consultation and social partnership to make sure that diverse voices are heard.

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