We investigate the effects of automated technologies on equality and fairness as the full range of employer functions are digitised. We are seeking to stop intersectional inequalities from being projected into the future of work at an unprecedented pace. Technology should advance equality, not undermine it.

Equality is at the heart of good work and social justice. It should be recognised as a guiding principle in technology design - and to shape a future of good work.

We develop ways to understand and prevent the adverse effects of cutting-edge workplace technologies on equality and fairness.

New data-driven technologies are capable of detecting and mitigating patterns of inequality with great precision. But automated systems can also embed past inequalities into future ways of working.

This spiral of decline is hard to reverse because the pace of technological change outstrips our ability to respond, meaning that business and policy makers are playing catch-up.

We must harness new capabilities to meet old and new challenges, making sure data-driven technologies are directed to promote equality, rather than supercharge inequalities. Technology must work for people, not against them.


Advising Policy Makers on Algorithmic Bias

Our work on bias with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation has ensured that the technology union Prospect and Equality and Human Rights Commission are consulted in the Government’s advisory Bias Review.
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Equality Task Force

Our Equality Taskforce explores the adverse impacts of data-driven technologies and how to tackle them through the age of automation.
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Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Our cutting-edge research into AI in hiring found tools designed to prevent workplace inequality do not work.
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Equality Impact Assessments

Our prototype Equality Impact Assessment supports companies in their efforts to promote better practice and demonstrate compliance with equality legislation.
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