Changing work

We investigate the accelerating use of data-driven technologies to determine access, terms and quality of work. This programme focuses on the effects of technology on health and wellbeing for different people in different places. We develop pathways to good work open to everyone.

Technology is changing the work we do, and how we do it, faster than ever.

Technology can free us from dull and dangerous tasks, and create new opportunities to collaborate. But when designed or implemented poorly, it is bad for health, reduces productivity, and can make us feel like accessories to a computer. 

We look at why and how technology is introduced, accelerations in its use, and distributional consequences, prioritising its implications for worker health and wellbeing.

Our activities help policymakers and businesses create and preserve high quality work, bringing people and their communities together.

We believe that a focus on future good work will help us meet new challenges and build resilience for individuals, communities and the country.  

Gig Trends Escaping the Gig Economy

IFOW have interviewed workers in the Retail, Logistics and Transport sectors to understand how technology is shaping experience of work for those in these connected industries. We have found that practices of algorithmic management - which allocate and reward work and thought commonplace only in the ‘gig economy’ - are escaping into conventional work.

Convening Expertise

Bringing together leading experts in the Future of Work Commission, we identify new policy challenges and opportunities to support a robust recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Inclusive Policy Making

We use mixed methods to research how trends linked to the gig economy are spreading into traditional service sectors, and identify key challenges.
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Good Work Monitor

Our Good Work Monitor maps the relationships between conditions for good work and health at a local level to guide the development of public health and industrial strategies.

The Good Work Charter

We are implementing our Good Work Charter, underpinned by sound principles for good work, to meet new challenges.
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