Changing work

Technological transformations are changing work at every level. Our research explores how good work can spread the benefits of new technologies and build resilience to health and economic shocks. We work with decision makers to shape better transitions, and put good work at the centre of their response to challenges now and in the future.

Work is the thread that connects people’s everyday experience with their communities, the economy and the state, public policy and private ventures. And technology is changing the work we do and how we do it, faster than ever.

The Institute for the Future of Work’s Changing Work programme creates an evidence base to understand the impacts of new technologies on work and working lives. We interrogate the links between work and wellbeing, and share insight to help people and communities thrive by orienting ourselves towards building a future of better work.

Best-practice guidance for businesses introducing new technologies

A project in partnership with the Carnegie Trust and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) to develop best-practice guidance for businesses as they introduce technology to advance good work.
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A better future for work: the world after COVID-19

We are at a critical juncture. Time and again in history, sudden short-term jolts have changed our collective response to slower transformations, shaping their effects on our future.
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The Future of Work and Wellbeing: The Pissarides Review

Researching the impacts of automation on work and wellbeing, and analysing how these are differently distributed between socio-demographic groups and geographical communities in the UK.
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Knowledge Hub Good Work Shelf

This shelf explores why and how Good Work is central to the wellbeing and flourishing of individuals and communities across the country.
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The Good Work Charter

The Good Work Charter is an organising framework for policy-orientation and practice designed to encourage commitment and fresh-thinking from government and business about the fundamental components of good work.
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Good Work Monitor

Our Good Work Monitor maps the relationships between conditions for good work and health at a local level to guide the development of public health and industrial strategies.
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APPG on the Future of Work

IFOW are the Strategic Research Partner for the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Future of Work, chaired by David Davis MP & Lord Jim Knight.
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