Spotlight report on construction workers

The Institute for the Future of Work is conducting a series of short-insight reports which share the stories and voice of workers throughout COVID-19. Our goal is to complement the statistical stories being told by highlighting the lived experience who have been made vulnerable as a result of the pandemic.

The insight gained will be brought together in a report later this year to reflect on the ways in which the epidemic has presented systemic issues, reframed the conversation about work, and is shaping new demands for building resilience and a future of good work. This report highlights the challenge of construction workers not knowing whether or not it is safe to go to work.

Main findings:

  • Construction workers do not feel supported to comply with COVID-19 guidance, or to report health and safety concerns.
  • Interviewees have observed an inconsistent approach to defining ‘key’ work.
  • Moving jobs, agencies and sites is seen as an alternative to furloughing workers.
  • Longstanding concern about responsibility for adequate PPE has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

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