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To create a society where people are put first, we research the factors and trends that mould the future of work. We share our insights and catalyse change in areas where we can make the most impact. Working at the intersection of academia, industry and policy, we make sure that technology works for people.

Changing work

Technological transformation and the impacts of the pandemic are changing work at every level. Our research explores how good work can spread the benefits of new technologies and build resilience to economic and health shocks. We work with decision makers to put good work at the centre of their response to challenges now and in the future.

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Rapid change is reshaping people’s experience of work. We model how to put people first, ensuring that workers’ experience and perspectives shape our changing world of work.

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New technologies offer vast opportunities but the risks and rewards are not evenly shared. We’re working to ensure technological change reduces rather than exacerbates structural inequalities, creating safeguards to promote people’s equality, dignity and autonomy at work.

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