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To create a society where people are put first, we research the factors and trends that mould the future of work. We share our insights and catalyse change in areas where we can make the most impact. Working at the intersection of academia, industry and policy, we make sure that technology works for people.

Changing work

We investigate the accelerating use of data-driven technologies to determine access, terms and quality of work. This programme focuses on the effects of technology on health and wellbeing for different people in different places. We develop pathways to good work open to everyone.

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People are being forced out of old jobs as the demands of the rapidly changing world of work kick in. We explore worker transitions in high risk areas, working with people affected, government, business and unions to create positive change and reduce risk.

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We investigate the effects of automated technologies on equality and fairness as the full range of employer functions are digitised. We are seeking to stop intersectional inequalities from being projected into the future of work at an unprecedented pace. Technology should advance equality, not undermine it.

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