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April 26, 2023

Human values, as well as AI, must be at the core of the future of work

Our co-founder and Director, Anna Thomas, has an OpEd in The Guardian this week. Anna gave evidence to the BEIS Commons select committee back in November and - as we reported here - the committee affirmed this evidence in their report and offered recommendations that align with IFOW's priorities for mandating algorithmic impact assessments.

Anna builds on this in her piece for The Guardian, arguing how human values must remain central if the future of work is going to be one where good work is a hallmark:

While more research is needed into the impacts of automation on work and people, we do know that, to get the best results from automation, much higher levels of investment in human capabilities are needed alongside investment in hardware and software. In short: we need to invest in people, not just tools. Investment in this context is not about the amount spent on software or training to use a system, it is about an orientation towards human agency, about people feeling they are being invested in.

Do please help us amplify these messages about human-centred AI. If you're a Twitter user you can do that here, or if you're on LinkedIn you can find Anna's post on the piece here, or engage with the embedded post below:


Anna Thomas MBE


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