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June 25, 2021

IFOW Newsletter June 2021 | The View from IFOW

This week we’re thrilled to announce the start of a multidisciplinary review exploring the impacts of technological disruption on people and communities across the UK. ‘The Future of Work and Wellbeing: The Pissarides Review’ is a 3-year collaboration between the Institute for the Future of Work, Imperial College London and Warwick Business School, supported by a £1.8 million grant from the Nuffield Strategic fund. We're excited to be expanding our team and are looking for a Researcher (apply by 7th July), a Head of Programmes (apply by 7th July), Post-Doctoral Researcher- Social Science (apply by 11th July) and Post-Doctoral Researcher-Economist (apply by 11th July). Please share these posts far and wide!
June also saw the second session of the APPG on the Future of Work inquiry into ‘AI and Surveillance in the Workplace’. We were joined by Helen Mountfield QC, Professor Jeremias Adams-Prassl and Emma Wright, Director of the Institute of AI, to discuss how the law as it stands applies to AI and surveillance in the workplace. We'll be hosting the third and final session of the inquiry on Tuesday 13th July and will be launching the inquiry report in the Autumn.

We'll be taking a break over the summer but will be back in your inbox in September with more exciting news.

Have a good weekend,

Anna Thomas
Institute for the Future of Work


Deep Dive: CogX Festival

This week our deep dive shares some of our favourite sessions from the 'Future of Work' stage that we curated at the CogX Festival on June 14th.

What have we learned about the future of work trends as we emerge from the global pandemic? How will we educate, reskill, and upskill our workforce through new career cycles?

Watch our session on Trends for the future of work with Lord Jim Knight, Rosemary Luckin and Naomi Climer CBE.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing goes mainstream, with over $40 trillion of assets under management globally. We explore why sustainable good work should be core to understanding and measuring ESG investment.

Watch our session on ESG investment and good work with Danielle Walker Palmour, James Broderick and Daniela Barone Soares.

With digital processes at the heart of our work, more and more information is saved and stored on our every single action. And with remote working on the rise, our actions get monitored and nudged non-stop. Are new digital rights needed to redress new challenges?

Watch big brother and big boss: Is surveillance in the workplace the new normal? with Andrew Pakes, Carissa Véliz, Abigail Gilbert and Ivana Bartoletti.                                 

Interesting Reads     

Edward Felten, Manav Raj and Robert Seamans have published a new dataset on exposure to AI: Occupational and industry exposure to AI: A novel dataset.

Luciano Floridi has examined the implications and limitations of the European Legislation on AI.

VICE have shared a Motherboard Guide to the Gig Economy, demystifying the terms, phrases and talking points we all need to know.

TUAC have published a paper offering a trade union perspective on the limits of data rights for the workplace.

The Centre for Free Expression tackles taking control of algorithms in their recent podcast with Meredith Whittaker and Andrew Clement.      

The LSE have recently published this paper on how AI mergers may harm regional inequality.    

Jacob Metcalf, Data & Society AI on the Ground Program Director, hosts a conversation with experts on the emerging regulations in the EU, US, and Canada, and asks how impact assessment practices can effectively account for the harms caused by algorithmic systems. Watch the video here.

Upcoming Events

The APPG on the Future of Work will be hosting the 3rd and final evidence session in its inquiry into ‘AI and Surveillance in the Workplace’ from 1-2.30pm on the 13th of July. For more information email
The Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture and Society is co-hosting an event with their Digital Social Science research cluster and the Edinburgh Futures Institute on 28 October, showcasing worker-led data projects. More information and registration here.
Women Leading in AI are hosting an event on ‘Artificial Intelligence: regulation and the intersection with privacy, non-discrimination and consumer legislation’ with Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna and Gianclaudio Malgieri at 5pm on the 8July. Register here.
The Work Foundation are hosting an event on ‘What Matters Now: Developing a Thriving Social Care Workforce’ at 3pm on the 14t July. Members of the Work Foundation, will present evidence from their recent report Social care: a guide to attracting and retaining a thriving workforce. More information and registration here.
The Turing Institute are hosting a lecture titled ‘Policy fights back’ on at 3pm on Wednesday 14 July.  Join Nicol Turner Lee as she talks through her new 'energy star rating' system to battle algorithmic bias in AI systems. Register here.                                       

If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions for our round-up, please drop us a line at                                                                        

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Anna Thomas MBE


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