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IFOW and Partnership on AI
August 23, 2023

Announcing our partnership with Partnership on AI

We are delighted to be announced this week as partners with Partnership on AI, which acts as a worldwide, cross-sector hub to advance responsible governance and best practices in AI.

Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI, said: “Today, I am delighted to welcome Credo AI, Institute for the Future of Work, Internet Archive, and IPG. They each bring valuable and unique insights from different vantage points across the AI lifecycle: governance solutions, worker inclusion, online information integrity, creativity and marketing innovation. Ensuring AI benefits everyone requires collective attention and action of leaders, such as the 105 Partners who make-up the PAI network.”

Our Director of Praxis, Abby Gilbert, said: "We are looking forward to collaborating with Partnership on AI and sharing the work that we are doing at the intersection of governance, academia and industry to help innovation and social good advance together. In particular, we are keen to share our own insights around how to manage risks to good work through the introduction of new technologies, such as our Good Work Algorithmic Impact Assessment – and to learn from the work of PAI’s Shared Prosperity program."

PAI was founded on the belief that multi-stakeholder community-building is critical to ensuring that AI benefits people and society. We know that if the impact on AI is to be positive, we need to work together globally to get regulation and deployment right. We will be announcing more on some practical sandbox tools that we will be offering to companies to help with this shortly. For now, do see our 'Sandbox' page here.


Kester Brewin


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