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Good Work recognised as a means for advancing responsible AI

IFOW’s programme forefronting Good Work as part of building a responsible AI ecosystem has been recognised as a landmark initiative in the development of responsible AI at work.

Commenting on the launch of IFOW’s Good Work Algorithmic Impact Assessment (Version 1 model), Professor David Leslie, Director of Responsible innovation at the Alan Turing Institute, Specialist Advisor to The Council of Europe’s Ad Hoc Committee on AI and author of the UK government’s official guidance, said:

"IFOW’s Good Work Impact Assessment marks a major policy breakthrough for ensuring that the design, development, and deployment of work-related AI technologies is equitable, responsible, and trustworthy. As more and more of everyday work life is impacted by the use of AI systems, the GWAIA provides AI developers, procurers and users a very accessible and proportionate pathway to implementing best governance practices. The uptake of this guidance, both in the UK and globally, will prove crucial to the future of good work and any organisation, big or small, considering the use of work-related AI would do well to put it into practice."

Dr Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance at the Alan Turing Institute and the UK national AI Standards Hub lead, said:

"The Good Work Algorithmic Impact Assessment represents an important contribution to advancing responsible innovation in the context of workplace AI, forefronting good work in shaping a responsible and trustworthy AI ecosystem."

The UK’s AI White Paper, launched in March 2023 the same week as the GWAIA, highlighted 5 cross-cutting principles - including fairness, transparency and accountability - which will be implemented by the regulators with the assistance of new sandboxes and pilots such as the Good Work Algorithmic Assessment.

The GWAIA guidance and toolkit for employers was supported and funded by the Information Commissioner’s Office. GWAIA guidance and toolkit for union representatives has been commissioned by the TUC Working Group on AI, so that guidance on assessing the impacts of AI on good work is available for both employers and unions. For more information, please see The Lab.

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