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How we work

The Institute for the Future of Work works at the intersection of government, industry and civil society to create the systemic change that’s needed to transform the future of work. We practise and support partnership working to shape a fairer future through better work. 

To deliver our mission we:

→  Build evidence
on impacts of technology at work and the wider implications of these changes on society
→  Offer insight
and analysis for evidenced-based policy and decision-making including direct worker insight whenever we can
→  Connect people
with different perspectives to enrich understanding and ideas
→  Solve problems
by designing innovative and actionable solutions tailored to a project
→  Drive change
by engaging policy and decision- makers to share and scale transformative solutions.

We use a range of approaches, including machine learning, expert groups and traditional research methods. Our pioneering social policy innovation accelerator (SPIA) convenes diverse voices working in partnership to tackle challenges in ways that keep pace with the speed of technological change. Take a look at our SPIA Toolkit

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