About Us

The Institute for the Future of Work is a catalyst for change. We seek out the most pressing challenges - and seize the opportunities - for people as the working world is transformed. Our mission is to equip Britain for the Future of Work by building practical solutions to make work better and fairer. It's a mission rooted in the Future of Work Commission

Our 'entry point' to identify, examine and respond to Future of Work challenges is the new technological revolution: the implications of the latest technological innovation on work, people in and out of work, and the social and economic systems in which work takes place. Our research indicates that the technological revolution is behind the most exciting opportunities - and challenging trends - which bear on work across Britain. 

We believe that the new technological revolution should also be a revolution in policy. The speed and depth of transformation is outstripping the pace and creativity of traditional policy-making. So, working beyond the parameters of a traditional think tank, we are pioneering a new collaborative method of civic enterprise and agile policy development to connect ideas and research with action. We connect a wide range of stakeholders, including people experiencing the problem we’re trying to solve. Young people will be embedded as change-makers through our work.

From the creation of an idea to its concrete application, we learn alongside people and communities to research, create and test high impact policies that put people first. With our partners and cross-disciplinary team, we build practical solutions for modern industrial society.  

Our objectives

Our Institute will:

  • Explore changes to the world of work focusing on the impact of technology

  • Identify key challenges to make workforce transition better and fairer

  • Connect people with different perspectives to enrich ideas and research

  • Solve problems by creating and piloting practical solutions with communities in transition

  • Engage policy-makers to share and scale solutions, making informed preparation for a Future of Work which benefits everyone

Our values

  • Cooperation. We value working cooperatively with those who share our mission. Collaboration improves our work and maximises our impact.

  • Inclusion. We include and empower people experiencing the problems we are trying to solve. Empowering people is central to our mission. 

  • Ethics. We consider the broadest ethical implications of our work. We believe in leading by example. 

  • Independence. We are politically neutral and work with actors across the political spectrum. We believe that building common ground will drive change.

  • Innovation. We use technology creatively to support our policy development and engagement. We believe that technology should complement human work. 

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