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The Future of Work Challenge: Supporting Earwig and Enrol Yourself

Workers are looking for the best working conditions – safe sites and decent welfare, of course, but also trustworthy job information, a supportive workplace culture and reliable payments – so they can enjoy the rewards of good work. We are building the Earwig platform so workers can provide constant, live feedback on all of this. Great companies and sites will naturally rise to the top while poor companies and sites will be exposed and incentivised to do better. It’s about raising standards. The whole industry will be transformed by workers publishing reviews

Harrison Moore - Founder of Earwig

The Future of Work award was pivotal for Enrol Yourself. It allowed us to pilot an approach to growing and scaling our activity that set us on a path we continue to travel today. The award also offered us ongoing support from a range of organisations including InnovationRCA, UnLtd and the Institute for the Future of Work, who continue to connect us to relevant people, organisations, and opportunities to get the word out about what we do.

Zahra Davidson - Founder of Enrol Yourself

The Institute for the Future of Work (the Institute) partnered with InnovationRCA, UnLtd and Our Place in the World to host the UK’s first Future of Work Challenge open to students and hopeful entrepreneurs across the country.

Our two amazing winners were Zahra Davidson and Harrison Moore, whose social enterprises have now been ‘incubated’ by InnovationRCA, with the support of Institute for the Future of Work Trustee Dr Nadia Danhash and Founder Circle Member Tom Shutes.

We’re delighted to share the news that Harrison has successfully established Earwig, the first ever construction site review platform, now up and running and sponsored by Bethnal Green Ventures. Zahra now runs Enrol Yourself, a social enterprise which harnesses the power of peer learning to support worker transitions, subsequently supported by both the Centre for Inclusive Growth and RSA.

The Institute is proud to have initiated and helped curate InnovationRCA Future of Work Challenge, playing an early role in support of Earwig and Enrol Yourself. We continue to support Zahra and Harrison and urge you do do the same.

We are keen to initiate a second Future of Work Challenge in collaboration with InnovationRCA in 2021 and are seeking champions to work with us to drive the Challenge forward.

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